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 Dewji International is a multi-faceted group of companies that comprises both commercial and industrial operations. Its core companies are Construct Congo, SOCALCO, SOCALCAR, Interdecor, and Electrotech. Each offering specialised products and services in carefully chosen sectors.

As a Dubai-based family business house, Dewji International has spread its presence far and wide with a firm focus on the fast-expanding nation of DR Congo.


When the aim is to reach challenging horizons, only perfection makes lasting success possible. Having founded the first group company in the year 1992, Dewji International manifests this approach in every aspect of its operations. Starting as a trading enterprise, the group today comprises a host of companies across diverse fields, right from manufacturing to interiors to consumer electronics.




Domestic Electronics and Appliances

The foundations of the group were set in place with the establishment of Construct Congo in the year 1992. The company was formed for the trading of electronics and home appliances, and today handles the distribution of Dewji International’s in-house brands. It has a reputable track record of over 20 years in providing the newest technology.

Construct Congo’s successes include trading of world-renowned brands like Whirlpool, Sony, Panasonic and Ariston in DR Congo. As an exclusive distributor for this brand in Africa, the company achieved manifold growth in sales year-on-year. As of now, it is considered an expert for consumer electronics in the continent and has cemented its position as the distributor-of-choice in its challenging markets for global brands.



Match Making - The Butterflies of Congo

In a developing nation, matchsticks are a crucial part of everyday life. Dewji International recognised this need early on and establish Socalco as a premier product for the mass market. The brand was formed with the intention of enlightening the lives of people in the remotest regions, while competing against established players by placing top priority on quality and affordability. It is no wonder then that it is a product that is superior to the best of imported ones and has captured the hearts and minds of consumers.

Socalco’s commitment to improving the lives of its consumers is evidenced by the fact that it is the only brand in the whole of Africa making sulphur-free matches that are also highly waterproof. Currently, the brand is on an expansion path by empowering its network of resellers and retailers, while training and supporting young sales entrepreneurs with the aim to reach every part of DR Congo. Its significant success has been the growth in market-share from 0% to nearly 85% in the capital Kinshasa within just four years through its own manufacturing facility and  

and logistical capabilities.



 Match Making - The Birds Of Central Africa

Dewji International now aims to replicate its success in the field of matchsticks in the Central African Republic (CAR). It has established the brand Socalcar with the aim to capture yet another promising market through its experience and knowledge of the audiences in the continent.

Currently, Socalcar is on a successful launch path, focused on replicating a business model that ensures employment generation for the nation’s people with local production facilities and delivers top quality product for consumers at a competitive price point.


inter decor

Interior Design and small scale Construction

Works of art speak for themselves. It is this belief that gave rise to Interdecor, a name that is synonymous with modern, yet functional creations, which express myriad emotions. At Interdecor, the key aim is to provide modern designs and comprehensive offerings to meet the interior décor needs across the African nations, especially DR Congo.

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, it is led by an expert team of experienced professionals, including designers, engineers and technicians. Interdecor’s capabilities cover the entire gamut of interior décor right from ideation to logistics to execution, no matter what the scale or requirement. Its joinery unit, located in Limete Industrial Area, is fully-equipped with state-of-the-art technology and machineries to fulfil the demands of every interior project.



Our Own Brand - Electronics and White Goods

Dewji International’s experience in the world of consumer electronics resulted in the formation of its in-house brand Electrotech, which delivers the latest innovations at an affordable price. It range of product offerings includes home appliances and consumer electronics, meeting the growing demands for the newest technology in the African region.

Electrotech ensures a stringent selection criteria for its manufacturing vendors, thereby delivering lasting quality, stylish designs and high-end features. The central focus for the brand is to complement the changing lifestyle needs of the consumers, while keeping pace with the rapidly evolving technological advances. Reinforcing this mission, it recently introduced electric bicycles under its brand name, thereby offering an environmentally-friendly alternative to motorbikes. These electric bicycles not just boosts the brand’s green credentials, but also provides an affordable and reliable mobility option for its owners.


Dewji International’s philosophy is centred on growth that empowers the people, while ensuring that natural resources are preserved for future generations of the planet.The group commitment to sustainable growth is reflected in the fact that it is involved in planting trees around DR Congo to offset the effects of wood used in the manufacturing of matchsticks. Furthermore, it also uses eco-friendly bicycle tours to promote its brand.

Socalco is also driving entrepreneurial growth by helping youth obtain vendor licenses, providing match cartons on credit with shared profits, thereby inspiring them to learn and emerge as the business people of tomorrow. It is currently expanding this pilot scheme and aiming to increase its brand entrepreneurs in Kinshasa to over 300 and paving the way for the progress of current as well as future generations.

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